The capital city of Tirganoth Kingdom is Mersgard, built over Fiery Bay, a place where over a thousand years ago, Meredin protected images which created the Shield of Destiny. The city itself doesn’t belong to any of the duchy and is instead a stand-alone region. The capital has the biggest population among cities on the whole continent. It is surrounded by 2 white bricked sets of walls and multiple farming fields that stretch over many miles. Through the city flows the Silver Lake that splits Mergard in half and falls straight into Fiery Bay. This artificial water container that was created after the first demonic invasion through the biggest portal, which burned and formed the hole that after being filled with water we know as Fiery Bay. The biggest and the most well known place in the city is the city’s market called Sun Plaza. It is named that way, because it is next to the biggest Az (Shield of Destiny headquarter) temple, Magic Academy and Royal Palace exist. From those three buildings it is the Academy that is biggest of all which is a sore spot for the monastery’s priests. Mages teach students in a monstrous tower visible from afar and even though its size alone is breathtaking, it is the levitating around the building’s top, stone faces of previous Arch masters that are most visible. Sun’s Temple is second when it comes to the size, building in the whole city and its walls are almost entirely white with golden ornaments. Beautiful stained-glass on the side of the building portrays the saints and suns iconography. Back of the monastery has a tall white tower with many monumental windows and balconies, along with a sculpture in image of the sun made out of gold near the top. The Royal Palace is the most modest of the three. Resembles more of an old fortress than an actual palace, and undoubtedly it would be hard to siege even without walls surrounding the capital.
In the heart of the island lies the Iron City, capital city of Terg. It is located at the side of the Areteerius volcano that itself lies dormant thanks to Tergan shamans and acts as a core of the fortress with a demonic heart in its center. A bit towards the north from the capital, there are visible lakes of lava almost reaching the Black Mountain Range. Black Mountains stretch almost over the whole border of the northern part of the island, and are pretty steep, some places among peaks you can encounter lone volcanoes, discouraging potential climbers. At the other side of Black Mountains lies Skull Wastes, where demonic gates remain open, and demonic armies try to get through to get back the heart of their master. Skull Wastes is a bare land without any life, wherever you look, the only thing seen will be old battlefields or ruins of Tergan cities and fortresses. Nonetheless, many people still try to go through that place, because who knows what forgotten treasures await them among the ruins and bones. The only two passages to Skull Wastes are guarded by Tergan fortresses. One of them, Gray Bastion, is placed in Shadow Pass, and the second one, Stronghold of the Fourth Advance, which stands between Black Mountain and the northern coast. Northern part of Terg is extremely dangerous and still full of conflict. Besides demons, you can encounter Tergans, called Children of the Flame, who still serve demons, Tar’kashen, primal monsters and frightening wyverns, a bloodthirsty subrace of dragons living around the highest peak in Black Mountains, Gehedor. The Eastern-South part of the island is mainly controlled by Tergans, there lies the second-biggest city, Ancestral Barrows. Lying next to Fractured Peaks. The most important cities on the island (beside the capital) are the Ashen Towers, Eastern Crossroads, Ancestral Barrows, Kirr-Dagon and in the shadow of Gehedor mountain, High Bridge.
Thalassarium, located just by the Fiery Bay, plays a crucial role as a strategic point of communication and trade between Ar’nai and the inhabitants of Tirganoth. This remarkable city has become a major player in the trading arena, being the primary partner of the Tirganoth Kingdom in the exchange of goods. Products obtained from the people of Tirganoth are successfully sold in other Ar’nai enclaves, contributing to the prosperity of Thalassarium. The name and position of Thalassarium are owed to the vision and entrepreneurship of its founder – Thalassar. He decided to build this enclave to bring his community closer to the people of Tirganoth and facilitate trade. In practice, this meant adopting some human customs and building a water port that would not require people to go underwater, aiming not only to facilitate communication but also to gain the sympathy of the inhabitants of Tirganoth. In the architecture of Thalassarium, one can discern a unique combination of typically Ar’nai motifs with elements of human aesthetics. The cultural and trade diversity of Thalassarium makes it not only an economic center but also a place where different cultures meet, creating a unique atmosphere of collaboration and exchange.